Tribute from District 14
Stupid way to die

I just choked on some water. I am home by myself. What if I died while choking to death on water, of all things? That is a terrible, embarrassing way to end. 

Picture this scene: I am in the arena. I have just managed to escape the clutches of the careers from District 1, and I am now on the hunt for water, which I haven’t had all day. Glory be, I have found some and I take my first glorious drink. I start to cough and sputter. What is this? I am choking on water, the very thing I need to prolong my life. I gasp for air until I lay still and am no more. How embarrassing. If it is possible, I would probably die a second death from embarrassment.

To avoid this awful scenario, I have learned how to give myself the heimlich maneuver. I will not die a shameful death by choking. I at least want to be killed by something cool, like by some kind of berry.

My odds of winning the Hunger Games today: 78% (knowledge is power)

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